18 Reasons to Support us in 2018

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Since 2006, Building Homes for Heroes® has made the difference in hundreds of lives by building and gifting mortgage-free homes, and completing home modifications, for veterans and their families across the United States.

Our numbers reached an all-time high in 2016, thanks to the growing support from friends, communities, corporations and supporters. It’s our honor to support the men and women who loyally and courageously serve our country.

2016 Goals and Accomplishments

  1. Building Homes for Heroes® gifted 29 mortgage-free homes in 2015. We also broke ground on three ground-up, mortgage-free homes for severely injured veterans.
  2. The President and Founder, as well as all members of the Board of Directors are unpaid. All time dedicated by the members is 100% donated.
  3. Building Homes for Heroes® prides itself on organizational efficiency. In 2015, we achieved a program rating of 93.83% … a 5th consecutive year of 93% or higher. The organization fully anticipates a 6th consecutive year at 93% or higher in 2016.
  4. Building Homes for Heroes® is supported by amazing organizations such as Chase Bank, Advance Auto Parts, The Home Depot Foundation, Lowes, Johnson Controls, Cantor Fitzgerald, Mazda, NAPFA, GE Silicone II, the FDNY, BAE Systems, William Ryan Homes, Randy Wise Homes, PCL Construction, Ebby Halliday, Hillwood Properties, Sikorsky Aircraft, BuilderTREND, Bayer Pharmaceutics Company, David Weekly Homes, Highland Homes plus an ever-growing number of corporations, contractors and communities nationwide.
  5. According to Nielson Data Research, Building Homes for Heroes® has aired more than 1000 times in just the past 4 years on national and local TV for the gifting of homes to our nation’s veterans.
  6. Building Homes for Heroes® not only wants to meet the veteran’s housing needs, we have programs in place to assist with financial planning to increase the family's chance for a happy and successful future, including financial planning and emergency funding for watershed moments in the lives of injured veterans and their families alike. 
  7. We successfully completed our second team-building event in July, designed to strengthen bonds and family spirit among veterans and their families while also focusing on education and awareness of the many benefits Building Homes for Heroes® offers.

Thanks to our many partners and growing support in all fifty states, Building Homes for Heroes is on pace to grow more than 1400% since 2010.

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